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Vestido Nina Marsala

Vestido Nina Marsala

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Dress is one of the classics of the brand and has a high collar closed with covered buttons, ruffles on the collar that offer texture to the piece and signify the exclusivity of Bambu models in long length. Does not come with track.

Production time: up to 15 working days. You can order this piece in the available colors and in your size, if you prefer a production with measurement changes or in other colors, click here to talk to us and check rates.

Fabric: Mixed Silk
Composition: 96% polyester 4% elastane


Length: 1m 50cm





up to 94 cm

up to 105 cm


from 95 cm to 105 cm

from 106 cm to 110 cm


from 106 cm to 110 cm

from 111 cm to 120 cm


from 111 cm to 116 cm

from 121 cm to 125 cm

Washing recommendation: avoid using a washing machine, water at room temperature and coconut soap.